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Would you make a better mayor or councillor? Workshop designed for those who dream of serving on local councils

Are dreams of becoming mayor or councilor haunting your sleep? Then, this candidate information workshop will put an end to all the questions and anxieties about how to achieve these ambitions.

The municipalities of East Ferris, Callander, Powassan and North Bay have partnered to organize the event, which is open to all and designed to provide an overview covering all aspects of what to expect at the race, as well than the expectations of elected officials.

The whole thing will take place at the West Ferris Arena at 42 Gertrude Street in North Bay on April 6 at 6 p.m. Although not on the horizon, registration is open now.

“Our clerk and our general manager were very adamant that you have to make sure you register,” East Ferris Mayor Pauline Rochefort said, “because there are only 35 spots in person,” which fill up quickly.

However, if one misses an actual space at the event, one can still attend online. Contact Monica Hawkins at 705-752-2740 ext. 227 or email [email protected] Registration is mandatory even for the online option. The event is free to participate.

“The workshop aims above all to inform people about the work of a municipality”, declared the mayor of Rochefort, specifying “what involves being an elected representative of the public”. Overall, the workshop “provides process details of what is involved” for applicants.

The keynote speaker is Fred Dean, “a well-known expert in the field of municipal governance,” Mayor Rochefort said, noting that he has worked with and trained council members and mayors since 2002.

Dean has prepared a few topics for discussion including an overview of municipal powers, the difference between governance and administration, conflict of interest issues, and will also discuss the impact of elected office on his family life.

To improve the workshop and make it more useful for attendees, attendees are encouraged to “bring in their questions” for Dean to clarify.

The workshop is not just for those considering running for office, as spouses and partners of those running are also encouraged to attend, as well as anyone interested in learning more about local government .