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Workshop to teach students how to approach exams | Arts & Hobbies

Exams play a big role in student assessment. Testing is an important method used to determine how well course material has been learned by students and provides a standardized mode of certification. Although exams are a key part of school assessment, schools are generally unable to teach students how to take them.

“Teenagers who struggle with exams usually fail to interpret questions correctly,” said Karla Hylton, founder of Bio & Chem Tutoring. “Decoding exam questions is key to proving competence in an area. Key words, called command words, act as cues for how responses should be approached. It is essential that students understand these words in order to provide the correct answer and obtain maximum marks.

With the main test events fast approaching, Hylton will be hosting a virtual workshop, “The Art of Passing Exams”, on Sunday, March 27.

To help students prepare for exams, Hylton, who has spent more than 25 years as an educator, will cover critical test-taking strategies. These techniques include thinking like an examiner, presenting mathematical and graphical answers, interpreting command words, answering questions effectively, and dealing with exam anxiety.

“Although students have only just returned to full face-to-face courses, they should already be starting to think about exams,” says Paula Dixon, technical training specialist at Bio & Chem Tutoring.

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