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Workshop this Wednesday – Streetsblog California

The California Air Resources team working to implement the state e-bike incentive program will host a workshop on Wednesday, August 24 from 3:30-5:30 p.m. (register at this link or check the calendar CARB).

The workshop is a public meeting to discuss policy approaches and next steps for the program, which is expected to start in early 2023. A Spanish translation will be available at the meeting.

While a decision on who will be the administrator is still pending, there are other aspects of the program that need to be decided. CARB is seeking public input on several issues, including:

  • Participant Income Eligibility. The program is for people who need the most help buying an e-bike, but the details of how to measure are still open.
  • What types of e-bikes should be covered by the program. Should the state, for example, provide incentives for bicycles that can carry an entire family? A load of groceries? Or should it be limited to a narrow band of simpler bikes?
  • What types of e-bike retailers should participate. Should this be limited to a state-approved list or wide open?

In addition to asking for feedback on these topics, staff will discuss the schedule for rolling out the program.

More information and the agenda are available on the CARB website.