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workshop series seeks to extend sustainability and resilience in the curriculum | Nebraska today

Applications are now open for a new workshop offer from the Chancellor’s Environment, Sustainability and Resilience Commission and the Center for Transformative Teaching. The new workshop series, “Infusion of Sustainability and Resilience into the Curriculum,” is open to 20 faculty members.

Applications are due January 22, and interested faculty members must commit to attending the workshops on January 28, February 18, March 18, April 15, and a date in May, yet to be determined.

Participants will use the four monthly two-hour workshops to create educational material that will include assessment rubrics. This material will be deployed in the courses during the fall semester 2022. At the end of the fall semester, the group will meet to present the results of their activities. The products of these modules will be featured in Nebraska Today and archived in Digital Commons and made available to the community through the Chancellor’s Environment, Sustainability and Resilience Commission. This workshop is part of the ongoing activities of the commission.

The objectives of the new series of workshops are:

  • Increase literacy in sustainability and resilience among children ONE students.

  • Connect students and faculty to social issues locally and internationally.

  • Create a community of teachers who have a better knowledge and awareness of sustainability, resilience, DEI, and social justice issues.

  • Create work, learning and service environments that foster a mindset in which every student can reach their full potential.

The main output of the program will be an activity, unit or module that integrates sustainability and DEI competencies in a current discipline-specific lesson plan in the 2022-2023 academic year. Another important outcome will be the expansion of a community of faculty who have knowledge and awareness of sustainability and resilience that can be shared with others.

To apply for the workshop series, send the following before January 22 to Dave Gosselin at [email protected], Director of ONE Sustainability Initiative:

  • Declaration of interest for the workshop;

  • A paragraph that describes the teaching experience;

  • Class (es) in which you plan to use the module.

For more information, including a full project overview and workshop offerings, click here.