Workshop course

Workshop on “Remote sensing and geographic information system” organized

A participant receiving

certificate of

Dr Amitabh Banerjee.

Journalist :


A 15-day workshop on “Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System” was recently organized by the Department of Geography and Internal Quality Assurance Unit (IQAC) of government J Yoganandam Chhattisgarh College on the college campus. Course coordinator Dr Geeta Rai informed that remote sensing and GIS is a well established and important technique nowadays. The course has been designed to enable participants to acquire basic knowledge about remote sensing and its applications.

Fourteen conferences and two practical sessions were given by the resource persons. Over 90 participants from government J Yoganandam Chhattisgarh, Mahant College and Government DB Girls College attended the workshop. The evaluation of the participants was carried out after the end of the course. The principal of the government, J Yoganandam Chhattisgarh, Dr Amitabh Banerjee, was the main guest of the closing ceremony of the workshop. Speaking on the occasion, Director Dr Banerjee congratulated the participants. He motivated the participants to work hard. The participants were honored with a certificate by the guest of honor. Head of Geography Department Dr TL Verma, Dr Kirti tiwari, Head of IQAC, Dr Anita Juneja, Dr Shilpi Bose and others were present on the occasion.