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Workshop on IPR organized

IQAC and the Institution Innovation Council (IIC) at Rabindranath Tagore University organized a one-day workshop on Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) on Wednesday.

The workshop was organized on the occasion of World Intellectual Property Day in association with the Goa Center of Excellence Intellectual Property, Goa (GCEIP) Went. Meanwhile, the GCEIP launched an IPR cell in the university. Students and investors can obtain all the information relating to their patent application. GCEIP has the first IPR cell in Madhya Pradesh.

The workshop was opened by GCEIP Founder, Umesh Bankar and Professor Rajshree Gude, Associate Professor of Goa College of Pharmacy addressed the gathering.

Umesh Bankar said that the right granted to protect intellectual property is called intellectual property right. He discussed in detail different types of intellectual property rights like copyright, patent, trademark. Rajshree Gude gave information regarding the patent application and patent granting process, the rights and obligations of the patent holder.

He said that each country has its own law. This is the basis on which the patent process takes place. On this occasion the Vice Chancellor of the University, Brahm Prakash Pethia, the Registrar Nitin Vats, the Director, IQAC, Vijay Singh expressed his joy at the launch of this cell. Prateek Nigam and Srishti Chaturvedi are the IPR cell coordinators while Narendra Dudhe is the IIC cell coordinator.