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Workshop on “Gender Awareness – Breaking down barriers and solving problems” held – Jammu Kashmir Latest news | Tourism

Judge Sindhu Sharma addressing participants during a workshop at the Judicial Academy Complex, Jammu, Saturday.

Excelsior correspondent

Jammu, December 4: With the aim of raising awareness on gender issues and raising awareness of the provisions of the 2018 law, on sexual harassment of women in the workplace (prevention, prohibition and redress), a workshop of one Day on the theme “Gender Awareness – Breaking Barriers & Addressing Issues” was organized by the High Court of J&K and Ladakh (Sexual Harassment Inquiry Committee) in association with J&K Judicial Academy and J&K Legal Services Authority at Judicial Academy Complex, Jammu.
The workshop was hosted under the vision of Judge Pankaj Mithal, Chief Justice, High Court of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh, (Chief Patron, J&K Judicial Academy), chaired by Judge Dhiraj Singh Thakur, President , other judges of the Jammu & Kashmir Judicial Academy Steering Committee, and the guidance of Judge Sindhu Sharma, Chairman of the Sexual Harassment Investigation Committee for Members of the Internal Gender Awareness Complaints Committee (GSICC ) and the Local Gender Awareness Complaints Committee (GSLCC) of Jammu Province and Leh District Districts.
The workshop was opened by Judge Sindhu Sharma, Sanjay Parihar, Director, J&K Judicial Academy, MK Sharma, Member Secretary, J&K Legal Services Authority and Dr Arti Bakshi, Professor and Head, Department of Psychology, Jammu University were the people resources in the workshop.
In her inaugural address, Judge Sindhu Sharma highlighted the importance of gender awareness raising for men and women and impressed the existence and maintenance of a conducive work environment devoid of any sexually behavior. explicit against women in society, which is an intrinsic right for them.
During the technical sessions, the resource person, Dr Arti Bakshi, educated the participants on various aspects of gender awareness, including the social construction of gender and gender roles. She briefed participants on gender issues including gender discrimination, stereotypes, prejudices and gender equality. Sanjay Parihar, Director of the J&K Judicial Academy, in his speech during the technical session, explained the provisions of the Sexual Harassment of Women in the Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Remedial) Act 2018, with a reference particular to the constitution of various committees, to the investigation process. in complaints for sexual harassment within the establishments and in sanction envisaged by the law.
MK Sharma, member secretary of the J&K Legal Services Authority, said during the technical session that sexual harassment of women in the workplace violates the human rights of women enshrined in the constitution. He discussed the provisions of the law, rules and regulations under those that specifically deal with the establishment of complaints committees, sexual harassment complaints, investigations and the duties of the employer. He also stressed the importance of awareness raising as well as capacity building exercises and skill building programs to increase awareness on the subject.