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Workshop offered to new volunteer lake monitors | Community

Those interested in learning about their local lake can join a network of over 1,000 volunteers who are part of the Citizen Lake Monitoring Network.

Rock River Coalition will be hosting a hands-on workshop for new Lake Watch volunteers from 9 a.m. to noon on Saturday, June 18 at Tahoe Park in Beaver Dam.

The Citizen Lake Monitoring Network provides volunteers with the equipment and training needed to measure the water quality of their lake. Most volunteers measure water clarity or turbidity using a simple device called a Secchi disk. Others record freeze-up and break-up dates or look for aquatic invasive species or native plants. Some collect water chemistry data such as temperature, dissolved oxygen, and phosphorus.

Data collected by volunteer lake monitors is used by many groups, local lake districts and associations at the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. By painting a picture of lake health, volunteer data can shed light on how our lakes are managed.

The first half of the workshop will introduce the lake monitoring program and provide a hands-on opportunity to learn how to measure water clarity, a simple but important way to measure water quality. The second half will focus on aquatic invasive species, including how to identify and search for them on the lake.

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After the training, interested volunteers will receive the supplies needed to begin monitoring on their lake. For more information or to register, contact Rock River Coalition at 920-541-6766 or [email protected]