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Workshop of the best mods on Steam

It’s great when games have strong enough communities that continue to thrive long after the initial release. Human Fall Flat has been out for a while now and has continued to bring new maps to the game, keeping its user base alive with creative new maps.

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That said, another major reason why Human Fall Flat continues to stay alive is thanks to the modding community. Ever since Human Fall Flat allowed creators to create new maps and models on the Steam Workshop, there have been plenty of new experiences for fans to download and try anytime. There are a handful of mods that stand out above the rest.


seven Clearing (level)

Mod by TheRoastingMarshmallow

Human Fall Flat is clunky platforming, with characters deliberately designed to move in unique and silly ways on each level. It’s hard not to think about the silliness of watching real-life individuals jump through things without thinking about Wipeout.

The hit TV competition show was popular for pitting competitors against wild obstacle courses. It’s only fitting that someone decided to create a level entirely dedicated to the show, especially the first round and the iconic big red balls.

6 McDonald’s (lobby)

Mod by YeetoBorito

While creators can focus on creating large maps for others to explore, the focus is also on creating lobby maps. These types of areas are used as a holding point for a group until everyone is ready to dive into the game.

A unique premise for a lobby is a detailed McDonald’s fast food restaurant. You can explore the main restaurant, but there is also a back area for the kitchen and drive-thru windows. Outside there is a play area with functional swings and a slide. There are even a few Easter Eggs to watch out for while you hang out.

Mod by Mildred Bumble

While some mods can be seen as just custom maps using assets already in the game, Intermediate is a clear example of how external tools can take what makes Human Fall Flat great and turn it into something really special.

Using Unity, the modder was able to take perks from levels like Castle and Water and make them do things the normal game didn’t otherwise, at least at the time. Even though it’s more of a tech demo, it’s still one of the most compelling user-created levels to date.

4 Saber Arena (Lobby)

Mod by Polum47

Sitting in a hallway waiting for friends to show up can be boring, so why not make it a fun activity? The Saber Arena lobby, which has multiple iterations, sets the stage for an ultimate battle between two teams of saber-wielding humans.

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It could even serve as a level in its own right, if you’d rather see ridiculous sword fights performed by you and your friends than embark on a lengthy platforming adventure. While the first two arenas created used elements from the Aztec and Dark levels, the most recent arena took on its own aesthetic.

3 Wizards (Level)

Mod by sherlocklini

Do you want to be a wizard, human? This map is for those who love the more puzzle-focused moments of the Human Fall Flat base game. The level starts you off in front of a tower that will lead to different islands surrounding the building.

Each island has its own mystery, so it’s encouraged for you to explore and learn more about what’s going on. Additionally, this level has its own built-in music that was created specifically for the level, so be sure to turn down the normal game music volume to be fully immersed.

2 Caribbean Human (level)

Mod by Rafik233

There are large maps in the original version of Human Fall Flat, but it’s hard to imagine there being a larger one than the fan-made map of Human of the Caribbean. As the level name suggests, the main theme of the map is about pirates.

However, it should be noted that this map has not just one island, but several, which you can jump on. Although there are no major puzzles on the map, the mod creator has hidden quite a few treasures around the level for those who would like to search can find. There is no end goal; it’s purely fun to explore.

1 Journey to Valhalla (level)

Mod by VodkaZombie

There’s so much amazing work going on in the Human: Fall Flat Steam Workshop, but it’s pretty amazing to create a whole series of levels around a main story, something the original game didn’t have. . This is the premise of the Journey To Valhalla series.

The levels are all about being a Viking, with the creator creating custom designs while using elements from the original game. There are a total of seven maps to experience the whole adventure, each setting being very different from the next.

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