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Unique Mind and Body Workshop in Dundalk this Monday

A free event taking place in Dundalk next Monday aims to combine physical and mental training, as a means of taking a disease-preventive approach to mental health.

Peter Connolly and Aaron Rogers are hosting the event at the Friary Field (or Hall, depending on the weather), from 7-8 p.m. on Monday, August 22. “We combine the benefits of physical exercise, strength conditioning, interval training, and ways to train our mind, training our attention,” Peter told the Dundalk Democrat.

“Things that are evidence-based and able to deliver it in a practical, combined way. “So I guess it gives people a taste. It’s like training any area of ​​our body, we can also train our mind. It combines the two, giving people a taste. Me and Aaron are collaborating on this. We hope to have regular workshops.

Peter Connolly has worked as an occupational therapist for 18 years, in all areas of mental health, and in places like St John of God’s and St Patrick’s in Dublin. Aaron Rogers has his own fitness centre, Body 4 Life, on Avenue Road in Dundalk, and is one of Dundalk’s most experienced exercise professionals.

Peter tells the Democrat that they are launching the initiative as “a way to take a preventative approach in terms of mental health, there is a great need there. If we train in advance, we are more likely to be able to deal with stress and anxiety in difficult times”.

Both aim to make the workshop a regular event. “Obviously with anything,” says Peter, “you have to test interest. Does it make sense to people. And learn as you go. We have a big vision for that, c is the beginning.

“We do these initiation workshops and if people want to do more, we have a vision to continue working with people. I do it professionally as part of my job anyway, so it’s just a matter of doing community initiatives. “Because I also think having things accessible and free is kind of what people need right now, so Aaron and I would be very happy to host regular community events for free. We finance our business activities elsewhere.

The event is open to all ages, but Peter adds that “we expect anyone under the age of 16 to be accompanied by an adult of course. This is an open public event, so we would definitely be able to accommodate different needs. “Think of it as going back to a graded exercise program. We ask people to use their own judgement. We will accommodate different fitness levels and different ages of course. This is a active participation, so we can adapt it to different needs.”

Working to prevent poor mental health and strengthen our spirits is what drives Peter and Aaron. “This is what prevention looks like,” says Peter. “Let’s not just talk about it, let’s start investing in these kinds of initiatives. Why do we have all these skills when people get sick? This is not how we learn to drive, this is not how we learn to do our jobs. We train in advance and that’s how we have to start thinking about mental health.