Workshop course

Unicaja Banco SA: The Edufinet project gives a workshop to teach students from the University of Malaga how to trade on the stock market

During these sessions, students received information on topics related to the stock market, such as profitability, risk, valuation and how to trade stocks.

the Edufinet projectpromoted by Unicaja Banco and Unicaja Foundationand in collaboration with the University of Málaga (UMA)delivered a workshopon the stock marketswhere over 70 students learned how to trade stocks and other key topics for investing and trading in the stock market.

This training action, with a resolutely practical approach, was organized in three sessions of 1h30, held at the Faculty of Economics and Commercial Sciences of the UMA.

The sessions were moderated by Grupo Unicaja’s Head of Financial Education, José Antonio Díaz Campos, and students received information on topics related to the stock market, such as profitability, risk, valuation and way to trade stocks. Later, participants applied the concepts they learned through several hands-on exercises.

Among other topics, the students also learned about assets traded on the stock exchange, the different variables that have an impact on the price and return of the stock, the risks and costs of investing in the stock market and certain notions on the financial statements of companies.

the Edufinet project, with more than 15 years of history, is one of the pioneering financial education programs in Spain, and its promotion and dissemination work has been recognized with several awards. It currently collaborates with 16 universities and with more than ten institutions and professional organizations.

Pioneer program in Spain

the Edufinet project has been available since 2007 via a consumer Internet portal, although its development began in 2005. Since its launch, more than 180,000 people have participated in the seminars, workshops, courses and conferences organized.

The site ( has recorded more than ten million visits, with consultations and visits from nearly 180 countries. It also offers portals with specific content, such as Edufinext, aimed at young people; Edufiemp, for business owners and entrepreneurs, and Edufiagro, which aims to raise awareness of the importance of financial literacy for farmers.

The website includes other sections such as Edufiblog, EdufiAcademics, EdufiTech and a video game. The project also has a YouTube channel, as well as profiles on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

All this has made Unicaja, one of the first institutions in Spain to launch an initiative of this type, one of the most active agents in the areas of financial education and inclusion, in the exercise of its corporate social responsibility (CSR) and its societal commitment