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UMass Dartmouth opens applications for translation workshop

UMass Dartmouth is offering local Portuguese speakers with a talent for English writing and translation the chance to hone their skills with a professional translator with an eight-week workshop starting February 23.

The workshop, which will run through April 20, is designed to help aspiring and practicing translators in academic departments at UMass Dartmouth and the surrounding community find and refine their voice as a literary translator with an expert in the field.

The workshop will be held in English, in the form of a seminar, in class once a week from 6 to 7:30 p.m. at the Center for Portuguese Studies and Culture. It will be limited to ten people.

Using theoretical readings and sample works by renowned translators, the instructor will focus on literary translation as a cross-cultural creative endeavor and guide you through some of the most relevant topics in the field.

By the end of the workshop, writers will have completed a polished translation that they can continue to prepare for publication.

The course will be led by
Elizabeth Lowe, professor of translation at New York University’s School of Professional Studies, who is in residence at UMass Dartmouth as the Hélio and Amélia Pedroso/FLAD Endowed Chair in Portuguese Studies.

Lowe has written extensively on the theory and pedagogy of translation, and has translated novels by many Brazilian, Portuguese, and Portuguese-speaking African writers, most recently The House of Passion by Nélida Piñon, The Last Twist of the Knife by João Almino, and Commission of Tears by Antonio Lobo Antunes. .

The workshop is open to people with advanced reading ability in Portuguese and excellent writing skills in English.

The workshop is open to people with advanced reading ability in Portuguese and excellent writing skills in English.

To register or for any questions, please contact: [email protected] The deadline to apply is February 10.

Application emails should include a brief biography of yourself, what attracted you to the workshop, and what you hope to get out of the workshop.

Please attach a 500-word sample of a translation you have completed and a copy of the source text to your application, along with a brief narrative describing the text and its author, and why you have chosen to translate this piece.

If you cannot provide a sample translation, please attach a 500-word sample of your English writing. It can be non-fiction, creative non-fiction, fiction, or an essay sample.

In accordance with UMass Dartmouth policy for students, staff, and faculty, all workshop attendees will be required to show proof of COVID vaccinations and boosters. This should be included in your application email.