Workshop topics

UAE Pro League organizes a legal workshop on the contracts of professional players

Dubai: The UAE Pro League held a legal workshop on professional player contracts as part of its series of programs, aimed at raising awareness among all workers in the UAE football system and developing all related sectors .

The workshop was held under the supervision of Ghanem Ghawanmeh, Legal Counsel of the United Arab Emirates Pro League, with the participation of world renowned speaker, Efraim Barak, arbitrator at the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) and founder of programs sports diplomas. in several international institutes with more than 30 years of experience in the field of sport, as well as the presence of representatives of professional clubs, including lawyers and legal advisers.

He discussed two aspects; the first was sports law, while the second dealt with the contracts of professional players.

Barak made a presentation on sports law in general and football law in particular. He discussed the academic and practical requirements of a sports lawyer, as well as training programs that develop the skills of sports lawyers.

The international speaker shed light on the overlap between labour, trade and football laws and how to deal with these cases to achieve the desired results.

Transfer contracts

The workshop paid particular attention to the contracts of professional players, focusing on the most important points that a sports lawyer must take into consideration when concluding contracts. He also discussed player transfer deals between clubs and how to negotiate their terms.

Barak underlined the importance of guaranteeing the rights of clubs when concluding player contracts of an international nature, especially as they fall under FIFA laws, noting that the judicial bodies of FIFA and the CAS are the only bodies authorized to examine disputes arising from such contracts.

The workshop also discussed the cases in which the club has the right to terminate a player’s contract for just cause and the mechanism for compensating clubs and players in the event of contract termination under the provisions of the regulations. of FIFA.

Waleed Al Hosani, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the UAE Pro League, said the league is keen to support executive effectiveness at clubs in all areas as per the Pro League Strategic Plan 2020-30 , aimed at developing football. system in an integrated way, to achieve long-term goals by attracting the most experienced and specialized experts, in order to keep up with global developments.

Positive interactions

Al Hosani expressed his appreciation for the participation of all the clubs, as the workshop saw a positive interaction between the participants and an effective presence for the representatives of the professional clubs, positively reflecting the results of the workshop.

For his part, Barak praised the keenness of the UAE Pro League and professional club legal teams to develop player transfers and contracts, as well as the responsiveness of participants to workshop ideas, a positive reflection. on the professionalism that prevails in UAE football. clubs.