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Two Keynote Speakers to Present at Upcoming Soil Health Workshop | News

The upcoming Soil Health Workshop in Burley, Idaho will feature 2 keynote speakers; Jimmy Emmons and David Little. Both presenters are experienced speakers in the field of soil health and agronomy. Keynote addresses will include “A systems approach to soil health” and “The search for balance”. In breakout sessions, these speakers will discuss “Grazing Cover Crops for Profit”, “Results Start at the Roots”, “Do Cover Crops Use Too Much Water?”

Jimmy Emmons is an international leader in the soil health movement. Jimmy was the regional coordinator for the USDA Agricultural Production and Conservation Program. He recently joined the Oklahoma Conservation Commission as the Soil Health Mentorship Coordinator. Jimmy and his wife Ginger manage 2,000 acres of cropland and 5,000 acres of rangeland with regenerative agriculture techniques in Dewey County, Oklahoma. Their annual rainfall is 20 inches plus or minus 20 inches, says Jimmy. They received Oklahoma’s first Leopold Conservation Award in 2017.

David Little has a passion for natural and sustainable vegetable production that began when he was a young boy working at a local dairy and on his grandfather’s dry farm in southern Idaho. With a bachelor’s degree in environmental soil and water science from Utah State University and more than 25 years of diverse experience in agriculture and agronomy in 18 states and 7 countries, David brings experience in the following areas: cover crops, soil health, crop production, precision irrigation, bioremediation, organic farming, naturally balanced soil amendments, and more. Now as owner and agronomist of Sustainable Earth Paradigm, he strives to develop naturally balanced products and solutions for a sustainable earth and he strives to empower people to implement them.

Jimmy Emmons and David Little will be speaking at the FREE Soil Health Workshop and Lunch on Thursday, Feb. 3 at Burley. The workshop will also highlight local farmers and experts on related topics. Other breakout session topics will include: “Our quest to improve soil health with cover seed ideas for southern Idaho”, “Does soil health pay off in the short term?” , “A Virtual Tour of the Periodic Table and How Growers Are Using the Periodic Table to Address the 5 Principles of Soil Health,” and a rancher’s perspective on “How to Fail at Everything I Try” .

The workshop is offered free of charge by the Cassia and Minidoka Soil and Water Conservation Districts to help educate and provide experienced perspectives to landowners. Please RSVP. You can register for the workshop or get more information by calling our office in Burley at 208-572-3375, or emailing [email protected] You can also register online on our website at