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Tuberculosis preventive treatment workshop held in Dimapur | MorungExpress

Dimapur, January 22 (MExN): Recognizing the urgent need for TB prevention among the people living with HIV (PLHIV) community and to end TB-related deaths, ARK Foundation and the Dimapur network of HIV-positive people organized an initiation workshop on treatment on tuberculosis preventive treatment (TPT) on January 20.

During the workshop held in the CMO conference room, Dimapur, Dr. Susan from ITECH and Ketho Angami, President of ARK Foundation, spoke about Tuberculosis (TB) and its impact on the PLHIV community.

While awareness on COVID-19 vaccination was provided to attendees with the aim of enabling them to make an informed decision was given by Dr. Susan, the concept and importance of TPT emphasizing the treatment of ITL as prevention of active TB were shared by Ketho, informed a press release.

During the same day, the President of the ARK Foundation lamented that the only currently available option of TPT in the country is Isoniazid Preventive Therapy (IPT), which has not worked as expected.

Given this situation, he informed the participants about the availability of a new therapy in the form of 3HP, which means a weekly dose with a combination drug of isoniazid (H) and rifapentine (P).

This therapy is much better than the current IPT because it is a shorter and more effective therapy with a better cure rate.

As such, the request for this has been an advocacy agenda for the ARK Foundation for the past few months, he noted. He further urged the participants to spread the information to other affected communities to create more noise towards demanding 3HP in India.

Moving forward, the program ended with participants planning to conduct a signature drive which will be used as a tool to further advocate with the Central TB Division and OCNA for roll-out. national, without further ado, the statement from the ARK Foundation added.