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Training workshop held at NSPP – Latest News – The Nation

LAHORE – Executive Development Institute of the National School of Public Policy (NSPP) held a two-day project management training workshop from June 22-23. Ahmad Nazir Warraich, EDI Dean on behalf of Dr. Ijaz Munir, NSPP Rector, officially opened the session. He underlined the need to organize a project management training workshop to acquire the latest knowledge on project management processes, from the initiation of a concept to its closure.

EDI designed the course in consultation with subject matter experts. Speakers included Professor Dr. Sajjad Mubin, Hassan Hameed, Mohsin Islam Khan and Dr. Faizan Shafique. Participants from various departments including the Ministry of Human Rights, National Telecom Corporation, Sui Northern Gas Pipeline Limited (SNGPL), Civil Aviation Authority, Capital Development Authority, Department of Military and Cantonment Lands, Punjab Mineral Development Corporation, Excise, Taxation and Narcotics Control, The Department of Energy, Department of Transport and Public Transport, Department of Police, Directorate of Engineering, National Fund for Technology and Akhuwat participated in the training course. The areas covered during the training were project management concepts and definitions, risk and stakeholder management, project sustainability, project planning and scheduling, project execution, management contracts and dispute resolution. Professor Dr. Sajjad Mubin highlighted the importance of good project planning with particular emphasis on third-party design validation to avoid future problems. He said projects should be clearly defined during the planning phase in terms of goals and objectives, timeline, anticipation of risks, stakeholder management, required inputs and resources. Dr. Faizan Shafique gave a lecture on project sustainability while ensuring environmental safety and energy efficiency. “Projects that have been environmentally certified are more sustainable with the added benefit of protecting the environment and saving energy.” He stressed the importance of sensitizing Pakistan on environmental security.

Mohsin Islam Khan briefed the participants on planning and programming. He said projects should be based on clearly defined objects and the work breakdown structure should be based on clearly defined responsibilities, timelines and resources. He added that scope, time, and resources are three essential elements of project management in developing schedules. Hassan Hameed talked about monitoring and control. He highlighted the need to monitor project quality throughout the process, from project initiation to project closure, including design, cost and timeline. He pointed out that projects in Pakistan face the challenge of delayed completion. Proper monitoring during each phase can avoid cost and time overruns. He gave an overview of IT tools for monitoring projects by phase. The Executive Development Institute works for the continuous professional development of officers/executives in the public and private sectors by organizing multiple training activities, policy dialogues, conferences and webinars.