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The Westport Writers’ Workshop will host a ‘More Than Words’ Awareness Fundraiser on April 29

WESTPORT, Conn. – The Westport Writers’ Workshop (WWW) shares the gift of expression through its many virtual and in-person writing classes for area students. In recent years, they have expanded their reach to those outside of their primary class to include people facing specific challenges or who have survived some type of hardship, abuse, or trauma. Enter more than words, the newly named initiative that offers free writing workshops to organizations that have requested them. Dedicated instructors volunteer to teach writing to diverse groups – outside of the immediate WWW community – to help people heal and grow through history. WWW will raise money for this specific effort at their next fundraising event, More Than Words: Celebrating the Awareness of Unknown Writers, scheduled for Friday, April 29, from 6:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. at Wakeman Farm, Westport. All are invited.

Westport Writers’ Workshop has partnered with many local groups such as the Center for Empowerment and Education (formerly the Danbury Women’s Shelter), Homes for the Brave, Caroline House, Harlem Village Academies, Training at Amherst Writers and Artists, as well as free accommodations writing workshops for women affected by breast cancer, college essay writing for seniors in Fairfield, and writing for women with children with special needs. If your organization would like to be considered for the program, please email [email protected]

“Our goal is to bring together members of the Writers’ Workshop from Westport and beyond to ‘raise the roof’ this spring on giving for changemakers more than words program. Our outreach workshops have touched the lives of many people and filled a specific need, a wonderful win-win,” said Liz Matthews, Managing Director, Westport Writers’ Workshop.

The cost for the April 29 charity event is $125 per person. The evening will feature casual food, music and personal haiku created by Westport’s first Poet Laureate, Diane Lowman. As the event draws closer, details regarding ticket sales will be posted on the Westport Writers’ Workshop website (, social media, and Fairfield County news outlets. .

PHOTO: Westport Writers’ Workshop announces the date of their More Than Words: Celebrating the Awareness of Unknown Writers Fundraising. The event will take place on Friday April 29 at Wakeman Farm in Westport. Details to follow once the $125 per person tickets go on sale. Left to right: Kathleen Sullivan, Chair of the Outreach Committee, and Liz Mathews, Executive Director of the Westport Writers’ Workshop. In the coming months, details will be posted on