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The Town of Lynn Haven Hosts a Workshop to Discuss the Marina Island Project

BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) — The City of Lynn Haven hosted another workshop to discuss a major project it wants to bring to the area Thursday night.

This is the second workshop to discuss the Marina Island project.

Marina Island Group developers have presented two different plans for a new 176-acre community they want to bring to Lynn Haven.

They said they wanted it to be modeled after the Rosemary Beach community.

“Tonight was the first time we got to see the master plan they had drawn up. This is not their first workshop. We had a previous workshop in January where they came to us and told us what their plans presented to us and gave us projections of how this process would work and they came back tonight with their first presentation on their master plans,” said Lynn Haven Mayor Jesse Nelson.

The commissioners asked questions and shared their concerns, one of which was that this project would never be completed.

The developers said it would take 15-20 years to complete.

“The other concern would just be how it would impact the residents who would be living at the entry points to this project, and the potential for affordable housing, and the congestion in that area, but those are not These are just some of the concerns expressed by the commission, but overall it seems the commission was excited and happy with what we received tonight,” Nelson said.

Nelson said they wanted the community to be residential and less like a resort.

A place for residents, businesses and even schools.

“We hope it will just bring another distinct area to our city. We hope this brings us a little more identity, a little more flavor to Lynn Haven and continues to grow as a family town in Bay County,” Nelson said.

They plan to hold several more workshops to discuss plans for the Marina Island project.