Workshop course

The SGI workshop gathers information, exchanges expertise and coordinates efforts

Riyadh — Minister of the Environment, Water and Agriculture and President of the National Center for the Development of Vegetation Cover and the Fight against Desertification Eng. Abdulrahman Al-Fadhli on Sunday sponsored the launch of the first workshop of the Saudi Green Initiative project and the Executive Reforestation Plan to plant 10 billion trees or equivalent to the rehabilitation of 40 million hectares over the next few years. decades.

The CEO of the National Center for Vegetation and Combating Desertification, Dr. Khaled Al-Abulqader, noted that the first workshop, which was held in cooperation with the system of the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture, aimed at collecting information, exchanging skills, coordinating efforts and activating partnerships between the different institutions involved in the project.

He pointed out that the following workshops will be awarded to a range of sectors, such as royal reserves, public institutions, mega-projects, private and non-profit sectors, and those interested in the environment and afforestation. , in addition to the financial and academic sectors and research sectors, and will constitute a qualitative leap in the development of vegetation around Saudi Arabia to achieve the objectives of the Saudi Green Initiative.

He explained that the project aims to increase green spaces through three main and important indicators: local or appropriate trees that are planted in various environments, maintenance of already planted trees, trees and plants that grow naturally after providing elements of protection and care.

For his part, the Inspector General of Forests and Secretary of the Pakistani Ministry of Climate Change, Joudat Ayaz, gave a speech which included a presentation on the mechanisms and means of implementing the Pakistani experience and the main challenges facing its execution faces under the Ten Billion Tree Tsunami program. implemented by the Pakistani government, with the examination of expertise and success of the best acquired. — SPA