Workshop method

The Ministry of Health and Health organizes a workshop for trainers on dietary guidelines

The Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) recently organized the 5th Qatar Dietary Guidelines Training of Trainers Workshop which lasted four days. The workshop aimed to train dietitians, doctors, health educators and nurses on the guidelines and recommendations to standardize nutritional health messages based on the recommendations contained in the Qatar Dietary Guidelines.

The workshop included many lectures and hands-on activities by MoPH specialists in the fields of nutrition and physical activity. The workshop is part of the implementation of the Qatar Dietary Guidelines Action Plan, which was launched by the Ministry of Public Health in 2015 to support and promote a healthy lifestyle.

The event was also in line with the objectives of Qatar’s national action plan for nutrition and physical activity and is part of the national health strategy 2018-2022.

The Qatar Dietary Guidelines serve as a mechanism for the implementation of the Dietary Guidelines Action Plan which includes recommendations on the importance of eating healthy foods from the six food groups (vegetables, fruits, grains and starches, legumes, milk and dairy products and their alternatives, fish, poultry, meat and their alternatives), maintaining a healthy weight, minimizing foods high in sugar, salt and fat, ensuring regular physical activity, drinking enough water, ensuring safe and clean food preparation methods, healthy eating, and maintaining the environment as well as caring for the family.