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The ministry involves 16 young Papuans in an electric motorcycle workshop

Jakarta (ANTARA) – The Ministry of Social Affairs has involved 16 young Papuans in an introductory training on electric motorcycles given at the robotics department of the November 10 Institute of Technology (ITS) based in Surabaya.

The workshop was organized under the guidelines of Minister of Social Affairs Tri Rismaharini with the aim of improving the quality of Papuan human resources.

“From the beginning, ITS has been an important partner of the Ministry of Social Affairs in supporting Papuan Human Resources. We believe that under the guidance of ITS experts, they will develop rapidly,” said the Director of Remote Community Empowerment and Entrepreneurship at the Ministry of Social Affairs. , Juena Br. Sitepu, noted in a written statement received here on Friday.

On another occasion, ITS expert Bambang Sudarmanta said that the participants learned the basics of the e-trail electric motorcycle built by the university team. They were informed about the materials, the manufacturing process and the production time.

“The participants were taken to see the location to practice making an e-trail electric vehicle. Then they discussed with the ITS team about the topics during the workshop,” Sitepu said in Surabaya.

The event, titled “E-trail Electric Motorcycle Making Workshop on Social Entrepreneurship,” brought together six participants from Puncak Jaya, five from Yahukimo and five from Cendrawasih University. They received training from July 12 to 21, 2022.

Sudarmanta expected this workshop to enable participants to understand how to create, use and maintain electric motorcycles.

“Therefore, once the motorbikes are given to the people of Puncak Jaya and Yahukimo, they already know how to use and maintain this electric motorbike,” he said.

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Some participants from Cendrawasih University were lecturers. It was expected that the lecturers, who participated in the workshop, could impart the knowledge of ITS to Cendrawasih University, so that the e-trail vehicle could be manufactured there.

He underlined the high level of enthusiasm of the participants during the workshop.

“They show great curiosity. Asking so many questions and enthusiastic about the event,” he recalls.

Papuan HR had gone through several workshops from the Ministry of Social Affairs, such as Bandung Alligator or Crocodile Skin Management some time ago, ITS Team Fiber Vessel Making, and the tanning crocodile skin in Jayapura, Papua.

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