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The Little Troopers charity is holding a free workshop for 100 military children from Portsmouth schools presented by BBC presenter Katie Thistleton and ITV presenter Frankie Vu

The session, provided by Little Troopers, which supports children with one or both parents serving in the armed forces, was presented by BBC Morning Live TV channel Katie Thistleton and ITV presenter Frankie Vu.

Students gathered to listen to the two-hour virtual session that discussed the unique challenges military life can bring.

Using games, drawings and other fun activities, the children talked about topics such as a parent’s deployment or home and school relocation.

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The Little Troopers workshop saw 100 military children learn new ways to deal with change.

The theme of the workshop was “wellbeing and mindfulness” and the children learned to explore and communicate their emotions as they navigate change, including learning mindfulness techniques.

All of the workshop activities came from the charity’s dedicated Little Troopers at School program, which was created to give schools resources to support military children in the classroom.

Grants from ABF The Soldier’s Charity, Royal Navy & Royal Marines Charity, Armed Forces Education Trust and The Grocers Charity funded the workshop.

The Little Troopers workshop saw 100 military children learn new ways to deal with change.

Louise Fetigan, Founder of Little Troopers, said: “As the school holidays approach, many military families will be facing deployment or preparing to move, so we thought it was the perfect time for the schools bring their service children together to give them tools to help them and celebrate what it means to be a “little soldier”.

Trudy Sargeant from Wimborne Primary School said: ‘It was so nice to see the children being together and supported in this way when I was a service child, there was nothing like it. It’s good to see how times have changed.

Lily Rudkin, a 5th grade student, added: “I love hanging out with the other children in our school’s services and knowing who has parents in the forces like me.”

Little Troopers offers free resources and initiatives to support children at home, such as the Little Troopers All Together Deployment Club and the Little Troopers Treasures Storytelling App that allows military parents to read to their children during they serve away from home.

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