Workshop course

The Doha Institute is organizing a training workshop on “social network analysis”

Doha: The Master of Social Work program of the Doha Graduate Institute organized today, Thursday 2 December 2021, in cooperation with the Center of Excellence for Training and Counseling, a training workshop on ” social network analysis using the NodeXL program ”, which was delivered by Dr Asmaa Malkawi, Assistant Research Professor at the Ibn Khaldun Center for Humanities and Social Sciences at Qatar University. This workshop focused on the tremendous technological development and strongly entering the era of digitization, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic.

The conference, held at the headquarters of the Institute, aimed to present to researchers, students and professors interested in different disciplines the analysis of social networks as a mixed and multidisciplinary scientific methodology that deals with big data produced by sites. of social networks.

In his lecture, Dr Asmaa Malkawi focused on one of the most famous social media analysis programs, NodeXL, as it provides researchers with the possibilities through which data and information is collected, filtered and analyzed. according to many standards and the production of visualized maps of the networks in question, especially since this program processes Arab data with great efficiency.

Malkawi pointed out that social media analysis is widely used in scientific research to study all issues circulating in the world, including what is happening on social media sites, such as issues that are discussed on Twitter, this which generates a huge amount of data. , depending on the type of problem; political, religious and social. Dr Malkawi also referred to the great development of scientific research methodologies, including social media analysis methods.

Workshop participants expressed their desire to integrate this methodology into the scientific research methodologies they are studying and to use it to prepare their research projects and theses, as well as to deliver basic and advanced courses. on social network data analysis systems.