Workshop topics

Summer workshop teaches kids social justice lessons before school starts

BUFFALO, NY (WKBW) — With a question from a teacher, a classroom at Canisius College comes into discussion. This class is full of Buffalo middle schoolers, the topics for discussion are next level.

“Ableism has arisen, ageism has arisen, it comes naturally actually, as we learn and grow as humans and try to be better,” said organizer Dr Tiffany Nyachae.

Conversations about video games, turned into a lesson on ageism in the gaming community. It is Dr. Nyachae’s goal to introduce these “isms” to students before they return to school.

“I was granted some money and I decided why not do this research and really learn with students of color in particular, so that we can ask very specific questions that are of interest to them,” said Dr. Nyachae.

She is a product of Buffalo Public Schools, and now researches education at Penn State. She worked with middle school students for five weeks, writing, reading and speaking about social justice and more, in a more relaxed learning environment.

“We do more group projects than alone. We can like, share stuff and understand what other people are thinking,” said Gianna Anderson, who will be entering 7th grade in a few days.

Dr. Nyachae recorded each learning session and will analyze the footage, research and write articles for other teachers on how to improve the classroom. Students will take their lessons with them to class.

“I chose to be here so I could read and improve my writing, but I also want to be on the honor roll when I go back to school all year,” said Donavon Armprester, who is starting 7th grade. after Labor Day.