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Suga struggles in a workshop to deliver cutting boards to BTS members; here’s the million dollar question that stumped him

BTS’s Suga pains on wooden cutting boards

BTS’ final vlog has arrived and it’s all about this hard work. Yes, it’s true. We talk about Suga’s woodworking vlog and his brave attempt to make seven wooden cutting boards, all from scratch. Talk about being so determined!
For those of you who may not know, BTS recently gave ARMYs a brand new vlog every Saturday. With one member each, the vlog went through a rollercoaster ride, as the members tried to cook, make bracelets, drive, and now chop wood.

At the end of the series, it was Suga’s turn to show off his skills, and boy did he rise to the challenge by the horns! Choosing to turn into a handyman, the BTS rapper decided he wanted to make seven cutting boards, all of which he will gift to his members.

In fact, Suga was so keen on crafting seven decks that even though his guide around the workshop made it clear that for a beginner if he worked hard he would be able to craft five to six decks, the rapper remained adamant throughout. long.

And while you’re swooning over that information, he of course had to add his signature sassiness into the mix!

As he went through various stages of cutting, carving and flattening the wood, to concentrating on a design and finally choosing the wood he wanted and starting to work on it, he considered a question to a million dollars that will leave you in two.

“I’ll only make seven today. I want to give them to the members. Are they still cooking?”

That’s a good question, Suga! Do the BTS boys even cook?

Although we’ve all seen Jin cook up a storm many times, as seen In the SOOP, Jungkook also seems to know his way around the kitchen, but either way, we’re sure they would definitely cherish any gift their Yoongi hyung gives them!

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