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Sharjah Women’s Sports Foundation organizes “Professional Media” workshop for athletes and coaches

Athletes and coaches pose for a photo with Fagr Kassim, Fatima Ahmed Saleh and other Sharjah Women’s Sports Foundation officials at the end of the workshop.

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

The Sharjah Women’s Sports Foundation held a three-day ‘Professional Media’ workshop at its headquarters aimed at strengthening the media presence of female players and coaches.

It was also aimed at honing their skills and honing their abilities in terms of press interviews and appearances on the various media platforms.

Covering four different aspects, the workshop was divided into two parts during which players and coaches received essential tips, including the art of speaking in front of the camera, speaking in front of people without fear, speaking with confidence while leaving a believable look and impactful impression, effective communication skills, training in speaking smoothly and choosing appropriate vocabulary.

The workshop was presented by Fagr Kassim, Director of Media Sector Development Department at Sharjah Media City (Shams).

Fagr Kassim shed light on a variety of topics including developing a strong, confident and aware personality through improving public speaking skills.

He also discussed training to deal with situations requiring intuition and speed of thought, overcoming the fear of speaking in front of an audience, and practical and effective ways to overcome the fear of being projected in front of the camera.

Fatima Ahmed Saleh, Head of Media and Public Relations at Sharjah Women’s Sports Foundation, praised the participation of many female players, technical and administrative staff in the professional media workshop, which reflects their desire to learn and benefit experienced people and specialists to develop their personality. communication skills, in addition to creating the desired image so that they learn to deal with different situations during meetings with the media and radio as well as press interviews.

Fatima Ahmed Saleh stressed that the workshop is one of the foundation’s steps to prepare players and club employees to face the media in light of the recommendations to create appropriate training programs.

At the end of the workshop training program, Fagr Kassim praised the distinguished presence of the participants and their focus on all theoretical and practical aspects.

He noted that some attendees feared appearing in front of the media and being confronted on camera, but that eventually changed due to attendees’ commitment to self-improvement and improving media relations.

“Focusing on how to control body language and speak in win and lose situations through simple, realistic responses to media questions,” he added.

Sarah Muhammad, a volleyball player from the Sharjah Women’s Sports Club, confirmed that she had benefited from the ‘Professional Media’ workshop, which included preparing for media interviews, reviewing how to statements in standard Arabic, checking for correct pronunciation of letters and conducting practice interviews, then reviewing and identifying positives.