Workshop training

Seniors attend workshop training on smart phones

The Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) confirmed that six seniors attended the Seniors Month (OPM) smartphone workshop on Monday, October 18, 2021.

According to DCFS, the OPM theme this year is “Digital equity for all ages – Connect / Create / Contribute. DCFS said it was one of 12 workshops facilitated by a local media company and the session familiarized participants with the following:

  • How to optimize the layout of the smartphone – change the background, know the icons and phone settings
  • Understand the basic functions of the smartphone – learn how to make your phone more user-friendlyYes
  • Learn more about the function and uses of QR codes – as fast read codes are widely used by electronic restaurant menus

All participants brought their smartphones and tablets for the 90-minute session.

DCFS stated that aAccording to Trifecta Films co-founder Jonathan Webster, the attendees weren’t the only ones to learn from the lessons.

Technology is here to stay and is becoming an increasingly central part of our lives. The facilitation of these courses showed us that older people are often very eager to learn the basics of using smartphones. They often just need help understanding how features can be used to simplify some aspect of their daily life.

said Webster.

DCFS reported that seniors with little knowledge of smartphones also participated.

Carvin Forbes, of Bodden Town East, and the only man in the class said:

I’m very green when it comes to using my smartphone and even greener when it comes to social media.

I went to the first class and learned a lot about using smartphones. I then spent hours going through the icons one by one before deciding to come back for more.

DCFS said that after explaining a feature, pairing the smartphone with the TV screen, the workshop facilitators gave individual mini tutorials and answered questions on an individual basis.

DCFS said attendees especially enjoyed learning how to set their world clocks to the local time in countries where loved ones live and to create WhatsApp groups for emergency communications during storms.

Ruby Williams, a resident of George Town, said:

I need to know my phone and really believe you’re never too old to learn.

DCFS said that fThree workshops on “How to use social media” will be held at the OPAAC on October 25, 27 and 29 at the OPACC, from 9:30 am to 11:30 am.

DCFS said that in order to register (space is limited to 12 people) members of the public should contact the following:

Dorline Welcome 925-4083 (George Town), Vanda Mighty 916-7902 (West bay), Carol Bodden 924-3309 (town of Bodden), Pat Hanlan 925-7451 (North Coast) and Delmira Bodden 925-5543 (East end).