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Royston Town launches mental health workshop program

15:04 March 29, 2022

Royston Town is tackling the impact of the pandemic on young people in its community with the launch of a new mental health workshop program.

The program will focus on topics such as inclusion, motivation and leadership skills as part of a package that will be delivered to all children in Key Stage 2 at Royston.

The scheme will be free to schools in Royston thanks to money the Crows have received from the Trident Community Foundation, which was launched in December 2020 as part of Pitching In’s multi-million pound investment in sport base and has since helped more than 30 clubs to launch or enhance projects.

Community leader Lewis Endacott said: ‘We have a relationship with schools and have noticed since Covid there has been a big impact on children’s mental health.

“The idea we had was to offer workshops on mental health, focusing on different areas that do not directly use the word mental health.

“But it’s all attributes that contribute to that, so kids are contributing to their mental health without realizing that it’s helping their mental health.

“We look at areas such as inclusion, motivation, aspiration, goal setting, role models, leadership skills; all of these will be addressed when we deliver these programs in schools.

The Crows are already deeply involved in the community, running physical education classes and after-school clubs, but the new program will be delivered during school hours to all children.

“It allows us to reach out to schools and offer them something a little more than just going in and offering a football session,” Endacott added.

“Our goal is to impact every child in Royston.”

The program was Royston’s grant application to the Trident Community Foundation and Endacott emphasized how important it was to enable such a positive community program.

He said, “This grant has helped tremendously because it allows us to offer this program free of charge to schools.

“We step in, deliver to schools, impact all of these kids and it doesn’t cost the school a penny. We have such a big impact on a lot of kids and hopefully in a really positive way.

The program highlights Royston’s important role in the local community, as do many other non-league clubs across the country.

“People look at club football and think you have to play football to be part of club football: it’s so much more than that,” Endacott said.

“There are so many people who come to watch, who have parents who play football, who may have grandchildren who they go to watch play football.

“Football is an integral part of life and especially at Royston. We have such a strong youth section, community program and it’s very inclusive in terms of everyone being involved.

“As for the youth section, they all get free season tickets to come watch the men’s team and it’s great to have so many of them watching.

“I don’t really think they realize what they have on the senior side, having lots of kids, cheering, singing: it’s so good that everyone is involved.”

*Ladbrokes, with the backing of owner Entain, has launched a multi-million pound investment scheme, Pitching In, designed to support and promote grassroots sports.

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