Workshop topics

RINPAS is organizing a workshop on “Legal provisions for people with disabilities”

A workshop on “Legal Provisions for People with Disabilities” for RINPAS and CIP students was hosted by the RINPAS Department of Clinical Psychology at the University and Research Center here on Saturday. Sanjay Kumar Sharma, Panel Counsel, DLSA, honored the occasion as guest of honor. Dr Subhas Soren, Dr Jayati Simlai, Dr Amool Ranjan Singh, Dr Masroor Jahan, Dr PK Singh, Dr Amit Kumar Sharma were present in the program.

Dr Subhas Soren, Additional Professor and Director (in) of Psychiatry, RINPAS started the program by giving a brief introduction to the extent of disability with particular emphasis on psychiatric disability and the gap between available provisions and their use. . Dr Masroor Jahan gave an introduction on the subject and also informed about the inauguration of the Guidance Clinic for Children and Adolescents and the Psychological Counseling and Counseling Center. She informs that the services of these clinics will be available on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Psychological counseling related to mental health problems linked to Covid-19 will also be provided in these clinics.

Dr Masroor Jahan thanked and invited all the guests and participants for the inauguration and the tea party. Subsequently, Sanjay Kumar Sharma and Dr Subhas Soren inaugurated the Guidance Clinic for Children and Adolescents and the Psychological Counseling and Counseling Center. After the ribbon ceremony, the workshop began. Dr Amool Ranjan Singh and Dr Jayati Simlai chaired the session.

Sanjay Kumar Sharma started the workshop by giving a brief description of the provisions for the mentally ill in the Mental Health Care Act 2017. He also spoke about some common issues encountered in a psychiatric OPD like the rights of a married woman with mental illness, property conflict in families with a person suffering from mental illness etc. The workshop ended after a short round of questions and answers.

The services of the guidance clinic for children and adolescents and the Cum psychological counseling center are open to all members of society. Mental health issues related to Covid-19 will also be addressed. People are requested to access these services without any hesitation.