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PUSD electoral map workshop scheduled for Tuesday | News

The Pleasanton Unified School District Board of Directors will consider three different cards proposed for use in future elections to a special town hall meeting Tuesday evening, from 7 p.m.

When the map is complete, the district registration boundaries will be divided into five distinct zones. Each Trustee will represent one of these Zones and will also have to live with the Zone they represent. Voters will also be limited to electing a director from among candidates living in their area every four years, instead of electing from a general pool of candidates.

If no candidate stands for a vacant director seat, the board of directors will be responsible for appointing a representative from that director area.

An overview of the most recent district demographics and criteria for drafting a new map that would be used in the PUSD trustee elections, starting with the November 2022 general election, was given in a pre-hearing hearing. -card December 9.

In addition to having communities of interest, such as a large population that speaks a language other than that shared by the wider community, new administrator zone maps may include “compact” electoral zones, ” contiguous, “” predictable and unjagged, “and also identifiable using natural boundaries, major roads,” and other boundaries identified by residents. “

Board members agreed last month to divide elementary and secondary schools “so as to maximize electoral zone overlap,” as well as avoid having a single administrator in a secondary school zone. Expected future growth was another consideration mentioned at the December meeting, with the board also deciding – “to the extent possible” – to “minimize the limitation of voter choice”.

A target population of approximately 16,203 residents has been suggested in each district area, with a total of 963 census blocks constituting the entire district boundary.

The maps share similar boundary shapes, with Trust Zone 1 encompassing west of I-680 and south of I-580, to the southern city limits, in all three versions. Lydiksen and Donlon Elementary as well as Foothill High School would be included in Zone 1.

Zone 2 would be south of I-580, east of Hopyard Road, north of Pleasanton Sports Park, and would run alongside Arroyo Mocho, ending at El Charro Road east of Pleasanton. Hart Middle School and Fairlands Elementary would also be within Zone 2 boundaries.

In the center of all three maps is Zone 3, which on the District’s Favorite Map 1 is west of Santa Rita Road, east of I-680, south of Arroyo Mocho and Pleasanton Sports Park. , and ends south on the Union Pacific Railway. . The proposed boundaries for Zone 3 include Amador Valley Community Park and would run along parts of Black Avenue, Hopyard and Ridgewood roads, as well as Division and St. Mary streets, with both Walnut Grove Elementary and Harvest Park Middle included. within.

Zone 4 would include Amador Valley High plus Mohr and Alisal Elementary, with its boundaries extending east to El Charro Road, south to Arroyo Mocho, north to Vineyard Avenue and Kottinger Drive, and to the west to Santa Rita. Zone 5 would be just south of Vineyard and Kottinger, west of Vallecitos Road, east of I-680 and north of the city limits, with Vintage Hills and Hearst Elementary as well as Pleasanton Middle School included. .

The PUSD could be ready for the general election in November, when the two seats currently held by board chairman Mark Miller and administrator Joan Laursen are up for grabs. Miller and Laursen have both said they are not planning to run again.

Another community workshop on the remapping process will take place in early March, with regular updates that will also be provided during board meetings. An interactive map and more information on the transition of the district from general elections to regional elections by administrators can be found here.