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Purchase line: FBLA members organize children’s day with Santa’s workshop | School news

Buy Line America’s future business leaders held their annual Santa Workshop on December 4th. The event started at 10 a.m. and ended at noon. The Santa Claus Workshop is an event where local children can show up and participate in manual and fun activities.

This event was open to the public. The FBLA students set up the Purchase Line high school cafeteria for the next day. Installation included moving tables and chairs around the cafeteria, setting up crafts at each table, setting up the snacks and drinks table, setting up the Christmas tree, the manufacture of gift bags and many decorations. A selection of students registered to decorate on the afternoon of December 3rd. Then the FBLA members were asked to arrive 45 minutes early and stay 15 minutes after to get ready and clean up.

“The Santa Claus workshop is something the FBLA does that brings the community together. It inspires young children and their parents to create fun Christmas crafts, ”said Bethany Smith, senior. “Parents can help their child create something that will give them fond memories in the future. There is often a large turnout so everyone can enjoy great company, snacks and crafts. The event was very successful and a lot of fun!

FBLA students were placed in pairs or small groups and assigned to different tables. Smith was assigned to the first table with sophomore Katelin Woods, so most of the kids headed first. Their table made “reindeer food”. The children were given a plastic bag and were able to add dried oats and sprinkles.

“To prepare the food, you put a little scoop of oatmeal in a bag, add whatever type of sprinkle you want, and then add a label to the bag,” Woods said.

It’s something the kids can sprinkle around the yard on Christmas Eve. Other examples of crafts the kids could make were a Grinch ornament, a foam photo frame magnet, bead necklaces or bracelets, and a Santa mask. The FBLA has also set up coloring pages for them. The event also had bags of snacks, drinks, and cookies for everyone to snack on.

Later in the event, Santa Claus has arrived! The children were able to sit with Santa and tell him what they wanted for Christmas. It definitely put a smile on their faces!

The FBLA has been organizing this event for a long time now, longer than FBLA Advisor and Business Professor Hannah Gnagey advised the FBLA.

“My favorite part of the event is when our students decorate the cafeteria the day before the event and everything starts to fall into place. Then of course the day of the event! It really is the perfect kick off to the holiday season, ”said Gnagey.

This event is a great way to show Purchase Line’s love for the holiday season. It’s a great way to get students and kids involved and excited. Gnagey hopes his students learn about the responsibility and importance of giving back to the community.

“My favorite part is working with the kids and hearing all of their funny stories and their creative ways of making their craft,” Smith said. Children created perfect environments. They get really creative and can be themselves. FBLA loves to hear all of their stories and what they want for Christmas. Their smiles and joy bring smiles and joy to the faces of high school students.

“I learned that it is very easy to make someone’s day a little bit better. Just by teaching a toddler how to create something fun, I could see how easy it is to make them happy, ”Smith added.

Junior Makenzie Houck shared: “I loved seeing how happy the children were and how much they smiled!”

The kids are having a lot of fun and FBLA is probably making their day, but what they don’t know is that they are doing FBLA Student Day too! Overall, Santa’s Workshop is a success every year, including this year. The students had a lot of fun! They hope the children too, and would join them next year. The FBLA looks forward to seeing the tradition continue over the years. Houck, Smith and Woods described the event as generous, exciting and entertaining.