Workshop topics

Pubs workshop to cover images, words and scope

Will my data stand the test of time? Is my writing clear, compelling and engaging? Will I be able to reach an audience that will give my research its greatest impact?

These are questions that authors ask themselves when preparing manuscripts for publication.

The American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology hosts the Journal of Biological Chemistry, Journal of Lipid Research, and Molecular & Cellular Proteomics. In a 90-minute workshop at the 2022 ASBMB Annual Meeting, the company’s publications staff will offer insight into the publication pipeline and provide guidance on three essential topics: presenting data, write and share your work.

Data collection, storage and presentation: The workshop will start with the visual basics for publishing – best practices for presenting numbers and data. We will provide suggestions on how to prepare images and what to think about for image acquisition and storage and figure preparation. We’ll walk you through how to find the right exposure, resolution, and software for your images.

Edited text for clarity and scope: The title and abstract are the portal to any manuscript. How can you create compelling and widely accessible text for your target audience? We’ll go over the key elements that make a good headline and summary. Participants will have the opportunity to review examples and work with presenters to create engaging text that people will want to read.

Sharing your work: Over the past 20 months, we have learned to operate virtually and build online communities. Once your article is published, you can use online platforms to share your research and make it more visible. We will show participants how to use social media and online platforms to communicate their science.

The ASBMB wants to help you achieve your publication goals as part of our mission to bring sustainable research to the scientific community. We look forward to seeing you in Philadelphia – and be sure to follow us on Twitter @ASBMB for all the latest updates on #ASBMB2022.