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PMSSS 2022-23 Workshop Held at AS College

A one-day workshop on “Prime Ministers Special Scholarship Scheme (PMSSS) 2022-23 was organized by Amar Singh College, Srinagar in collaboration with Indian Council for Technical Education (AICTE), New Delhi.
The workshop was attended by about 250 directors from various governments. University colleges, government. Polytechnics and government. Kashmir Division Higher Secondary Schools.
Nodal Principal, Kashmir Division Colleges, Prof. Khursheed Ahmad Khan, AICTE PMSSS Consultant, Prof. Ajeet Angral and AICTE Deputy Director Rakesh Kumar Ganju were also present at the event.
Appreciating AICTE’s efforts to continue the PMSSS reform process, Professor Khursheed Ahmad Khan urged principals and nodal offers to make their facilitation and document verification centers student-friendly by equipping them with the necessary technical equipment and personnel.
RK Ganju, through a PowerPoint presentation, provided a detailed description of registration, application submission, admission, error handling and course selection. “It’s important that students are properly guided through the facilitation centers, so that mistakes are minimized and the process is hassle-free,” he said.
PMSSS Consultant, Professor Angral said that the PMSSS is a revolutionary scholarship program that has ensured equal opportunities for J&K students to study at prestigious colleges across the country.
Professor Bashir Ahmad Rather, Principal of the host college, said the technological intervention in the PMSS has made it easier and hassle-free for the students. “Today’s interaction is a step toward familiarizing managers with updated online processes.