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PMAA hosts 13th Women’s Self-Defense Workshop at LCWU – Latest News – The Nation

LAHORE – The Pakistan Martial Arts Association (PMAA), in collaboration with Lahore College for Women University (LCWU), held its 13th Self-Defense Workshop for Women, where female students were taught retaliation with bare hands in case of danger and defense against an armed aggressor.
PMAA President Anwar Mohiuddin told The Nation that he himself led the workshop and taught participants basic skills regarding self-defense and unarmed retaliation. “The 21st century is not only a century of chaos, but also a step-by-step history of dangers and emergencies. No one could deny the importance of self-defense training in such circumstances. In addition to preparing a person to face an undesirable situation, it creates a spirit of bravery through physical and mental training, and of course Kyokushin Karate is very useful.
“As a result, the individual ready to face any danger at any time, self-defense of women in Pakistan is not yet recognized on a large scale as it is. I guess you are aware of the incidents of child abuse and cases of harassment of women over the past few years in Pakistan, this is PMAA’s contribution to the diversity of a “Fearless and Safe Pakistan”. I hope that in collaboration with other universities, we can spread “self-defense skills” on a wide web, we plan to organize a series of workshops to empower our girls and workers in the self-defense tactics,” he added.
Lahore College for Women University Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Bushra Mirza distributed medals to the participants and praised the efforts of Anawar Mohiuddin. “The way the PMAA Chief, Mr. Anwar Mohiuddin imparted knowledge and training to the youths of the country and especially the women, it is truly commendable as our youths need to master these skills so that they can hone at least their own self-defense. It’s a good cause and our doors are always open for these passionate people, who want to serve the country in a better and unique way. We will continue to work with PMAA and frequent workshops will be held in this regard.
It is worth mentioning here that the Pakistan Martial Arts Association, founded in 1998, has been promoting martial arts in the country for three decades with Kyokushinkai karate technique in schools, colleges, universities, police and other institutions. other private institutions.
The PMAA is recognized by the Punjab Sports Government Directorate, affiliated with the Okinawa-Japan International Karate Organization. In addition to this, it has produced several national and international players, who have made Pakistan nationally and internationally proud. Moreover, the PMAA is a pioneer in Pakistan for the use of Karate and Aikido as a weapon to fight against child abuse, harassment of women and other social evils present in our society.
Over the past seven years, the PMAA has served the country and the nation by simultaneously assuming responsibility for self-defense training, they have conducted several self-defense workshops and seminars in support/collaboration of the Consulate General of the Japan-Karachi, The Consulate General of Japan also recognized them in 2019, the only martial arts organization appreciated by the President of Pakistan and Chief of Staff of the Army.