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Pinelands Creative Workshop continues its quiet schedule

Pinelands Creative Workshop remains committed to ensuring children in Barbados have the tools they need to succeed after leaving secondary school.

This commitment was affirmed during the opening ceremony of the launch of the 22nd edition of the Career and Life Management (CALM) program under the theme Future Fitness – Creating a Resilient and Agile Workforce at the Courtyard by Marriott on Monday, June 13.

Addressing the students and sponsors in attendance, Pinelands Creative Workshop Managing Director Sophia Greaves-Broome reminded students that they must be able to pivot in a changing global economy.

“Participants, you must be nimble in order to adapt to opportunity and environment – you are the architects who hold in your hands and minds the ability to design the new direction for the country to follow in leading innovation in order to enable solutions for Barbados development,” she said.

Greaves-Broome said CALM, which is celebrating its 22nd year, will focus on three core values: re-creating value, architecting talent and engineering cultural prosperity over the next ten days of the program.

“I want you to be resilient because it is imperative for you to survive. People say think outside the box, but at Pinelands Creative Workshop we believe there is no box at all, and we are constantly reinventing ourselves to keep pace with the ever-changing environment. But while all of this is going on, we have remained true to internal family values, organized culture and ethos; protect the internal environment to ensure we were strong enough
to face any adversity.

“Things will continue to change in your personal and/or professional space, but rest assured that you are not alone in this. We have assembled a team of outstanding, like-minded professionals who, over the next ten days, are ready to share their knowledge and experience, as well as actively listen to you and add to your perspective,” a- she declared.

Suleiman Bulbulia, board member of Pinelands Creative Workshop, told the students present from various secondary schools on the island that whatever they do, they can do.

“Whatever your mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve. These are wise words for ladies and gentlemen to live by. By the grace and mercy of God, the sky is the limit of what you can do and accomplish. once you are passionate, dedicated, patient, persistent and grateful,” he said.

Bulbulia congratulated the students for taking the first step towards their professional development by enrolling to be part of the CALM program.

“I would like to congratulate the participants who made the bold decision to join this incredible program. As I read the training plan for the next ten days, I realized that not only are you learning practical skills that will help you in the world of work, but you are also being exposed to life lessons that will allow you to grow positively. .

“Embrace the next ten days with enthusiasm, fully immerse yourself in the lessons you will learn and experience and aim higher.

“Prime Minister Mottley always reminds us that while being rooted in our Barbadian values, we must see ourselves as citizens of the world.

The world as a whole is our labor market. Attend the workshops and imagine yourself having a career not just in Barbados, but in any other part of the world you can dream of. Remember whatever your mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve,” he said.

Ruchelle Roach, chief executive of the Maria Holder Memorial Trust, which funded the Multidimensional Approach to Resilience and Adaptability (MARA) project under which the CALM project falls, said her organization hopes more secondary schools will enable their students to be part of the CALM program as it teaches them vital professional skills that are imperative in the world of work.

“We need more programs such as the career and life management program in schools. Programs such as CALM are important and need to be expanded and integrated into all schools as part of this transition, as many enter the workforce unsure of what to expect.

“They don’t even know how to start with a resume or how to dress appropriately, let alone attitude and work ethic. Make no mistake, some adults still don’t know these things either and we need to start this process early.

“Some people would learn these things by trial and error, but we don’t want to wait until we get to work to start that learning process.

“Many of you students have cell phones and have access to computers, but how many of you or your friends have taken the time to go online and look for templates on how to make a resume or information on maintenance tips? Because sometimes we have to learn how to help ourselves,” she said.

The CALM program continues at the Center for Hybrid Studies, Wharf Road, Bridgetown St Michael with a session on Effective Communication hosted by Ondene Thomas, followed by Marketing tools: interview techniques by Kathy-Ann Blenman Murrell as well as interview techniques by the US Embassy and other development topics.

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