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Pharos Parenting will offer a workshop to break down barriers to success | Local News

“So we have already spoken with these community professionals and they have agreed to come and teach this, and so it will be the people who do it every day who can give first-hand experience and really share this with people in the community. community,”

Fowler pointed out that anyone in the community can come to the workshop, even if they don’t personally experience any of these issues at the moment.

“Anyone interested in learning, whether for themselves or for a loved one, a family member, if they feel they could be of use to someone else if they could provide that knowledge” can attend.

And, to help remove any barriers to people arriving, the workshop will be free, and a meal and childcare will also be offered.

The $1,600 project price would cover the cost of meals, childcare, staff and materials for each workshop, Fowler noted. This price of $1,600 is for all four workshops, with an average of around $400 per event.

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As stated in a video on the website about the project, “it just helps break down more barriers which might include ‘Oh I’d like to come and take this class but I have two kids and it’s just during l ‘dinner time’ and you know whatever. that’s, so we were like, ‘oh, we’re gonna feed you and we’re gonna take care of the kids and like that’s another hurdle you won’t have to worry about.’ Just come and we’ll take care of you and help move you in the right direction,” she said.