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Petition launched for Ardern to share the content of the OIA workshop and clarify the names of those involved

The New Zealand Taxpayers Union is calling on Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern to release the presentation slides, handouts and minutes of the content of the OIA workshop in which Dr Gaurav Sharma says a coaching on how to avoid the Official Information Act would have taken place.

“Labour MP Dr Gaurav Sharma has made alarming allegations about a culture within the Labor Party of dodging the obligations of the Official Information Act and the spirit of government transparency,” the director said. Taxpayers Union executive, Jordan Williams.

“It is important that the Prime Minister clarifies things anyway. That this hangs over the heads of respected senior officials and a firm of corporate lobbyists is unacceptable.

“Dr Sharma alleges that junior Labor MPs have been trained in how to avoid leaving a paper trail that could be made public through the OIA process. If true, it is a blow to the trust that New Zealanders should be able to have in their government. »

“Release of this information will allow those named by Dr Sharma as session facilitators to clear their names or it will allow New Zealanders to see the lack of respect the Labor Party has for the law and the principles of the democracy.”

“If officials or contractors have really instructed Labor MPs on how to dodge transparency laws protecting New Zealand from corruption and abuse of power, it is untenable for them to retain their use. If the allegations are false, having this cloud of suspicion around innocent employees stinks.

“Concerned New Zealanders can sign our petition at

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Covid and climate change have changed the face of tourism. That’s why it seemed oddly premature last week for Tourism Minister Stuart to announce that New Zealand is no longer interested in mass tourism, or attracting the kind of budget visitors who “roam our country on $10 a day eating two-minute noodles.” .” Instead, New Zealand aims to focus its marketing efforts on attracting wealthy, spendthrift tourists. “In terms of targeting our marketing rotation,” Nash said, “it will be unapologetically at… high-quality tourists.” Oh good? The comments raised a few eyebrows overseas and a few hedgehogs here at home. Nash’s comments were also something of a gift for a clever opposition to paint the Ardern government as a group of liberal elitists out of touch with ordinary people…