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Personality development workshop at PAU Ludhiana, students motivated to be empathetic members of society

The PAU unit of Atam Pargas Social Welfare Board, in collaboration with the Student Welfare Branch of the Punjab Agricultural University (PAU), organized a personality development workshop for the students on Sunday. students and faculty at Dr. Manmohan Singh’s auditorium.

The workshop aimed to sensitize PAU students to develop their personalities as truthful human beings in the service of humanity. It provided students with the opportunity to blaze a new trail to become responsible and caring members of society.

Senior Soil Chemist, Varinderpal Singh, PAU, delivered a motivational keynote address on the topic: Let’s Do and Achieve. He spoke about the importance of working as a team to empower and uplift underprivileged sections of the community.

Singh inspired students to volunteer to provide moral, psychological, and educational support to the families of victims of the farmers’ unrest.

Director Gurmeet Singh Buttar, Student Welfare, PAU, emphasized the importance of making mental health a priority and balancing a healthy social life while performing their academic pursuits.

The company expressed regret for the recent suicide of a UPA student, who was pursuing a Bachelor of Technology degree in food and technology, and announced that Atam Pargas has decided to support the education of the student’s brother. died.

Atam Pargas was established as an organized and transparent community service to support the families of all victims who faced tragedies, including deaths and accidents, during the farmer unrest across the country.

The Atam Pargas team has documented 865 tragedies and an attempt is underway to reach every family, verify their authenticity, understand their issues and assign a coordinator to ensure self-sufficiency for families in need.

Family details of the support provided to the 502 families reviewed (to date) are available at