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Permaculture Weekend Workshop – Le Soleil Sopris

Come get your hands dirty in our 30 year old outdoor and indoor one acre edible forest garden!

This edible landscaping course, taught by Jerome Osentowski, founder of the Central Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute in Basalt, CO, will cover topics such as:
– Design and maintain a forest garden
– Develop the forest from the ground cover to the vines via the dominant floor
– Soil to be built with vermiculture
– Integrate plant/animal guilds to promote biodiversity and fulfill essential ecological functions
– Successful companion planting for the high Rockies
– This is a unique opportunity to spend time in the CRMPI’s 30-year-old mountain forest garden.

You will also have the opportunity to explore CRMPI’s full range of permaculture design facilities, including a 16 kilowatt photovoltaic system, two sunny toilets, a passive solar house, an extensive water catchment pond and a gray water system.

Two workshops are available, the greenhouse design session [] and forest gardening session. These can be taken together or individually.

Whether you want to grow tropical fruits, simply extend the season, or create a more healthy, sustainable, low maintenance and productive vegetable garden, these workshops will give you everything you need to know!

Tuition costs $150 for one day or $300 for both days and includes meals and teaching materials.