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Patkai faculty attend NEP framework workshop | MorungExpress

Patkai, March 22 (MExN): With the announcement of the National Education Policy (NEP) in 2020, various stakeholders across the country have undergone training to work on the framework to be implemented in their respective institutes.

With this in mind, a two-day virtual workshop “On the Curriculum Framework for the Implementation of the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 in Universities, Colleges of Engineering and University Colleges” was organized on March 21 and 22.

A press release received here stated that teachers from different departments of Patkai Christian College (autonomous) participated in the two-day workshop organized by the Institute for Academic Excellence (IAE) in collaboration with the Collegiate Education & Technical Education Department , Government of Telangana.

The workshop aimed to guide academic leaders and administrators of higher education institutions for the implementation of the NEP 2020, to offer suggestions for improving existing practices and knowledge regarding the curriculum framework, with the NEP in context.

During the inauguration of the workshop, Prof. V Ramgopal Rao, IIT Delhi as the keynote guest spoke on the theme “A New and Forward Looking Vision for the Higher Education System Indian”.

Professor Rao emphasized the integration of multidisciplinarity in educational offerings, innovations and entrepreneurship as main drivers, student-centered integration with out-of-class learning, inclusion of a dedicated curriculum social sciences, ethics, leadership skills, creativity, etc.

Dr. BN Suresh, Chancellor, Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology, Thiruvananthapuram delivered his lecture on “21st Century Skills for Graduates to Succeed in Industry 4.0”. Speaking on the critical inputs to consider in defining new skill sets, Dr Suresh said that more emphasis needs to be placed on research and new technologies to eliminate current inefficiencies and identify areas of broader and critical research and new emerging technologies with a greater emphasis on hands-on learning.

The challenges of designing the curriculum framework in the current context of Education 4.0 – NEP-2020 was discussed by Professor NJ Rao. He said education should not be limited to back and forth between teacher and students, but rather incorporate a networked approach with students exposed to different sources of information.

The second day of the workshop focused on India’s curriculum framework. Successful curriculum framework models, academic planning for engineering and general degree courses, and curriculum design with credit distribution were discussed.

The workshop provided key insights on NEP 2020, emerging areas and new age courses for knowledge and skills enhancement, best practices in program design and delivery, capacity building measures capacities for program implementation and concrete steps to be taken for effective implementation of choice-based programs. credit system (CBCS) limited to NEP 2020.

The management, director, dean, head of department of colleges of engineering and university colleges, vice-chancellor, registrar, rector, directors and senior academic administrators of universities and other faculties participated in the l ‘workshop.