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Legal Expatiate is a containment initiative aimed at bringing together this country’s top talent and instilling a nation-first attitude into them. An active forum of scholars, professionals and students where they host webinars from senior lawyers, High Court judges and other luminaries, where they host various competitions such as the research paper writing competition , moot competitions, essay competition, quiz competition, certificate courses, etc. to prepare the research and advocacy skills of law learners.

We bring you again the well experienced, nominated and renowned personality in the field of civil law to your doorstep through online sessions.

For a full and proper understanding of writing, we have tried to cover the main aspects in 5 days by the best guest speaker.

DAY – 1 (6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.)

Subject – Day I

1. Notice

2. Response to legal notices

3. Determine the preliminary aspects of filing the case such as the value of the lawsuit and court costs

4. Complaint

5. Write prayers for each of the following:

a. Declaratory decision, e.g. declaration of ownership

b. Mandatory injunction

vs. Expulsion

D. Breach of contract / Recovery of money / damages / compensation for breach of contract

e. Partition

Speaker – Adv Jaydeep Mehta (High Court of Gujarat)

Day II

1. Written declaration

2. Add compensation / counterclaim

3. Application for a temporary injunction

4. Request for annulment of the temporary injunction

5. Request for representation (Order 1, Rule 8)

6. Request for addition / substitution of parties (Order 1, Rule 10)

7. Request for modification of pleadings (Order 6, Rule 17)

Speaker – Nagesh Sood (Lawyer with 28 years of experience)


1. Request for execution

2. Request for review

Speaker – Siddhartha Samal (Defendant with 34 years of experience)

Day IV

1. Write a warning

2. Write the first appeal

3. Request for late apology

4. Write a second appeal

Speaker – Prithwish Ganguly (Lawyer with 23 years of experience)

Day V

1. Drafting of the written request and the DIP

Speaker – Sudhanshu Chaudhary (Lawyer with 23 years of experience)

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  1. Students (UG and PG)
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13.12.2021 until midnight


12.15.2021 to 12.20.2021 (except 12.18.2021)

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