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Ongoing FTI Acting Workshop | Arunachal era

[ Chukhu Indu ]

ITANAGAR, March 20: The Film & Television Institute (FTI) here – an extension campus of Satyajit Ray Film & Television Institute (SRFTI), Kolkata – is holding a 12-day acting workshop which will end on March 22.

This year, 20 students registered for the workshop. This is the second such workshop since 2021, specifically for students from Arunachal Pradesh, and is held in conjunction with the Directorate of Information and Public Relations.

Participants from all walks of life, including a mother of five, students and professionals attend the workshop.

Speaking to this reporter, one of the participants, Techi Kokololo, said the workshop sessions were therapeutic for her and gave her the opportunity to do some soul-searching. Similarly, Nabam Yeni, a clinical psychologist at Midpu Psychiatric Hospital, said, “The rigorous exercise within the session was a transformational one – thrilling and adventurous.”

Likha Rajum, a postgraduate student, said the workshop motivated him to bring anything to life. “It can bring even a rock to life,” he said of the workshop.

Most students are eager to find ways to take action in the future after the workshop. Mr. Arunachal 2021, Minjum Padu, who is also attending the workshop, said, “Even if I am unlucky, I will keep trying.

The script for the theater workshop was written by filmmaker and writer Duyu Tabyo, as well as local actor and producer Subu Gambu, SRFTI director Sounak Kar informed.

Talo Babing from Kurung Kumey district, an FTI Itanagar alumnus who currently coordinates with the crew, said the course taught them to be patient.

“The workshop makes attendance compulsory, so that students can help each other, attend each group’s number and foster teamwork and patience,” explained one of the participants.

Since 2017, SRFTI has been running 10-week filmmaking courses titled “A Short Journey to Cinema” all over India. It is worth mentioning that during its six batches of training, 43 out of 93 students were from Arunachal Pradesh and other parts of the northeast.

Debashis Guha, a retired professor from SRFTI, informed that “the chance for Arunachal is now limited, but very soon the scenario will change”, citing the success of the Manipur and Assam film industries.

Guha informed that Sange Dorjee, the director of the films Crossing Bridges (2013) and River Songs (2018), is an alumnus of SRFTI.

He also mentioned Sadang Arangham, who is currently making documentaries on Arunachal, and said that “their fresh and imaginative ideas are making a lasting impression in the country”.