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New workshop to help young people and the unemployed

Owen Bennett (student), Chris Bennett, Fred Evans (Lumberjack Tools), Zak (student), Nick Gainsford (Provision House), Jade Evans (Lumberjack Tools), Dinesh Patel (Provision House) & Shane Pincher (Tutor at Provision House)

Provision House, formerly known as Loaves ‘n’ Fishes, has partnered with local businesses to build and fit out a new workshop in its distinctive retail building opposite ‘Top Church’ on the main street of the downtown Dudley.

Several thousand pounds have been spent to create a space dedicated to young people and adults to enjoy introductory sessions and more specialized courses covering trades such as carpentry, decoration, electricity and plumbing in the building which was a former Co-op store.

The new development has been backed by Wolverhampton’s Lumberjack Tools, who were so inspired by the charity’s version that they donated over £3,500 of free equipment which will be used under trained supervision.

Nick Gainsford, director of operations at Provision House, said: “There are a lot of people in Dudley and Sandwell who want to work or learn new skills but don’t know where to go to get the knowledge they need to get started. .

“This new workshop is a small step to help people who are not in mainstream education, training or employment have the chance to learn new skills that give them confidence in the short term and maybe even a pathway to possible employment in the future.”

He added: “We are very fortunate to have built up a bank of excellent volunteers over our 18 year history and this workshop will be supported by local artisans and our resident trainer Dinesh Patel.

“Funding for the construction of the space was self-funded and we are delighted to partner with Lumberjack Tools to ensure that people using our facilities will have access to all the tools they need to learn and potentially create products that we can sell in our own emporium. ”

Provision House officially kicked off the workshop last week when it hosted its first session with students from the Invictus Revive Learning Center, all of whom struggled to function in their mainstream school.

Students spend two hours a week rotating between the workshop and the upstairs IT suite, learning new skills while having the opportunity to develop a product of their own design, produce it in small quantities before selling it. in a “pop-up shop”. ‘ at Dudley.

Fred Evans, Managing Director of Lumberjack Tools, said: “A member of staff from Provision House came to buy some of our tools and told us what they were planning. It was a simple decision to support their business and donate over £3,500 worth of equipment, with the promise of more to come when they have a better understanding of what they will need.

“We want to help create the next generation of craftspeople and if we can help get people interested in a potential career in this field just a little bit, all the better.

“Provision House is a fantastic charity that supports the Black Country in so many ways and this workshop has the potential to meet the needs of hundreds of people who need a new opportunity the most.”

Chris Bennett, Director of Alternative Provision for Invictus Education Trust, said: “We are very pleased to be working alongside Provisions House with some of our most vulnerable students.

“The new workshop will be the perfect setting for students to design, develop and manufacture enterprising products and we can’t wait to get started. Many thanks to Lumberjack Tools, whose donation will provide our learners with access to quality tools and resources.