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New downtown development discussed at City Council workshop

(MURFREESBORO) Exciting news from the Murfreesboro City Council Workshop held at the Murfreesboro Airport at lunchtime on Wednesday (04/13/2022). A mixed-use development for the land between Murfreesboro City Hall and Broad Street discussed.

Bart Kline, a partner at Nashville Kline architectural firm Swinney & Associates, told council members the proposed development would offer a mix of retail and office space, condos, a hotel- shop, car park and public walking areas.

The project is currently in the “discussion stages” and must go through an extensive study process with the Murfreesboro City Council and several building regulatory agencies in the city.

Broad Street Redevelopment

It was called the “Broad Street Redevelopment” would cover the land between Vine Street and South Church, bordered on one side by Broad Street and on the other by Murfreesboro City Hall and the Linebaugh Public Library. This is where Murfreesboro Water and Sewer, Murfreesboro Fire Administration (Old City Hall), as well as the Liberated Police Headquarters, Old Courier Building, and other businesses.

To help you get a better idea of ​​the scale of the downtown improvement, the much-discussed Historic Bottoms is just across Broad Street. This project includes the wetlands from the Discovery Center to the village of Cannonsburgh. In fact, Town Creek’s natural lighting is expected soon. The creek currently goes through a large culvert in the wetlands and runs underground along Broad Street and opens into South Front Street a few feet north of the log cabin visitor center in Canonsburgh.

A college is

On previous broadcasts, Murfreesboro Mayor Shane McFarland has spoken about creating a new image for the downtown business district.

The One East College mixed-use development on the north side of the downtown district on the site of the former Methodist Church is currently underway with the site now cleared and the developer working on the next stage of development. The 2+ acre square block project will feature a mix of commercial space, offices, restaurants, 156 residential units, space for a boutique hotel and indoor parking for over 600 vehicles.

The church steeple and sanctuary have been saved and will form part of the One East College redevelopment.

The City notes that Parks Group is already renting office space at $27 per square foot in the future office building.

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