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New Delhi: Inauguration of a three-day workshop entitled “Science in the Kashmiri language”

Vigyan Prasar has officially launched a three-day national workshop titled “Science in the Kashmiri Language” under the collaboration and affiliation of Central University of Kashmir and University of Kashmir within the framework of Transmission, promotion and extension of science in the Kashmiri language. It was held at the Tola Molla Campus located in the Kashmir Conference Hall. The main focus of this lecture is how to integrate scientific experiments and discoveries into writing and convey these discoveries and inventions to ordinary people through stories.

The welcome speech was delivered by the organizer and chief administrator of SCOPE, Shahid Rasool, who praised the efforts of the current vice-chancellor while recalling the former vice-chancellor Merajuddin and said that the Scope project is the result of these efforts. He also praised the staff. The keynote address was delivered by Muhammad Zaman Azarda, former chairman of the Department of Urdu and Kashmir and Dean of the Faculty of Arts, University of Kashmir. He said there is no dearth of science fiction topics in Kashmir, space travel, environmental changes, cyber crimes, rising population rate, etc. are the subjects of contemporary fiction writers.

He highlighted the important point that the job of a science fiction writer is not only to make scientific inventions and innovations part of the stories, but also to highlight the harmful and fatal effects of discoveries. human science to increase public awareness. The session was moderated by Musrat Shah and Irfan Alam offered the vote of thanks. (ANI)

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