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Mud and pasture management workshop to be held in Sheridan – Sheridan Media

Land size can be important for some farmers and ranchers, and for those who don’t have much, a group will soon be holding a workshop on how to better manage land for horses.

The Sheridan County Conservation District will host a Mud and Pasture Management Workshop on October 1, where farmers and ranchers can learn about pasture management, erosion control, grassland health horses and the prevention of contaminants in watersheds.

District Manager Carrie Rogaczewski said a 2017 Census of Agriculture study showed horses are more common than cattle on farms and ranches of 100 acres or less.

She adds that the number isn’t a lot of space, but using the right techniques and practices can help keep horses healthy.

Carrie Rogaczewski

“We’re really looking at how, especially on these smaller properties, where you don’t have a lot of space to work with, how you can still have these healthy landscapes and still have healthy animals. Healthy landscapes equal healthy animals.

The event will take place in the Watt Building of the Sheridan Research and Extension Center.

Those who want to attend must register in advance.

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