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Mountain View Budget Workshop Focuses on Funding | North West

Articles in this Regional News Roundup are taken from weekly newspapers across the region. This is the second part, the first having appeared in the Tribune on Saturday.

GRANGEVILLE – A shortfall of over $ 4 million for 2022-2023 was the focus of the Mountain View School District Budget Meeting on December 8 held at Grangeville High School. About 15 community members attended the special meeting.

The workshop took place after Trustees Casey Smith, Clearwater, and Melisa Kaschmitter, Grangeville, were appointed to a committee to help the public understand the budget process and financial needs. No action was taken as it was a preliminary briefing to discuss a possible upcoming sample.

“This is intended to help us understand what is needed for a March levy,” said Superintendent Todd Fiske. “It’s a complex budget system, and the main goal is to show where we are financially and what the needs are.”

Fiske said he thought a May levy was “really too late” to be able to “know where we are and offer contracts to our teachers and staff.”

“And I want to reiterate that what we have here is not the MVSD funding model – it’s the Idaho state model. It’s just what we have to work with, ”he said.

New Clerk Polly Hagen, having been appointed at a previous meeting. Hagen is the secretary of the district office who prepares council briefings, among a variety of other duties. District Sales Manager Becky Hogg previously served as a clerk; however, due to his workload with regular district funds, as well as new challenges with COVID-19 money, it was decided to give Hagen the duties of council clerk.

In an effort to continue to be transparent with finances, Hogg reviewed actual and budgeted numbers for 2021-2022 and 2022-2023, explained the carryover, state funding formulas and forest funds, among additional budgetary and financial categories.

“We start with a 30,000-foot view of all bottoms, and go from there,” she said.

For 2021-2022, because the levy was not passed, there was a funding gap of approximately $ 3.8 million. This is a total budget of $ 13.5 million with a total income of $ 9.6 million.

Forest funds and COVID-19 money were used to close the income gap and what the district needed to maintain the status quo.

For 2022-2023, the projected shortfall is $ 4.2 million, with expected revenue and inflation estimated at 2-3 percent plugged into various areas. This excludes a levy, which means that this gap would have to be closed through a levy or other sources of funding, or through a reduction in programs and services.

The full budget workshop package will be available online at

– Lorie Palmer, The Clearwater Progress, (Kamiah), Thursday