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Mossyrock School District to host workshop on ways to honor Gary Stamper and others

By The Staff of The Chronicle

The Mossyrock School District will host a workshop in the coming months to discuss ways to honor Gary Stamper, longtime educator and former Lewis County Commissioner, and other former district employees.

Stamper, a Mossyrock resident and former Mossyrock High School girls’ basketball coach and educator, died after a five-week battle with COVID-19 last fall. He was at the time the District 3 representative on the Lewis County Board of Commissioners.

The Mossyrock School District Board of Trustees recently received a request to rename the high school basketball courts or the high school gymnasium in memory of Stamper. To gauge community interest in responding to this request, the district launched an online survey on March 13.

“People who responded to the survey have been very positive,” Mossyrock Superintendent Larry Markuson said.

However, the district has also received numerous phone calls from people opposed to the proposal.

“Some were for it,” Markuson said, adding that callers were mostly upset that the survey was only available online.

Part of the reason for holding a workshop is so the board can explore options to better engage the entire Mossyrock community, Markuson said.

While the original request was limited to honoring Stamper, Markuson said it was interesting to establish a way to honor not only Stamper, but other notable former District employees as well.

Options include establishing a protocol for renaming buildings and other areas of the school campus, or establishing a wall of fame.

The discussion at the workshop will focus on “what other options do we have and how can we reach our community,” Markuson said.

The workshop has not yet been scheduled.