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MoHAP organizes a workshop for the development of a national policy

Sharjah24: The Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP) organized a workshop for the development of a comprehensive national policy to promote healthy lifestyles in the country, as part of the government’s strategy to develop working mechanisms based on competitiveness, innovation, proactive solutions, as well as to deal with future health developments and develop national initiatives focused on public health.
Chaired by His Excellency Dr. Hussain Abdul Rahman Al Rand, Deputy Undersecretary for the Public Health Sector, the workshop was attended by Dr. Lubna Al Shaali, Director of the Department of Health Policy and Legislation, Dr. Rasha Salama, public health adviser to the ministry. , and several officials concerned with public health, education and health promotion.

National Framework for Healthy Living

During the workshop, Dr. Hussain Abdul Rahman Al Rand, outlining the objectives of the national policy to promote a healthy lifestyle, pointed out that the policy is designed to keep pace with continuous developments, benefit from local experiences and international and build on past achievements. of the health sector.

As part of a national framework with three primary levels “individuals, society and the country”, Al Rand stressed that encouraging a healthy lifestyle, promoting excellent mental health and embracing positive thinking is a key element for the welfare of the community. members.

He argued that this works in conjunction with the National Wellbeing Strategy 2031, which aims to promote an integrated notion of wellbeing, and thus support the UAE’s 2071 centenary.

Health promotion programs

The Deputy Assistant Secretary for the Public Health Sector further underscored the need for coordinated efforts at the federal, state, and local levels, as well as the private sector, to address the challenges and instill a culture of innovation in order to building a world-class healthcare system. system.

“In addition to increasing the capacity of society to adopt a healthy lifestyle with all the necessary skills, our aim is to create a legislative environment conducive to health and to involve civil society organizations as well as the sectors public and private involved in health promotion initiatives,” said Al Rand. added.

The workshop focused on three national indicators; the indicator of the prevalence of childhood obesity, the indicator of people with diabetes and the prevalence of the consumption of tobacco products.

Participants commended the community health initiatives that have been implemented, while emphasizing the importance of their sustainability to ensure the well-being of society, through three lines of action; legislation and policies, awareness and media, research and studies.

Advanced Legislative Umbrella

In her address at the workshop, Dr Lubna Al-Shaali, Director of the Department of Health Policy and Legislation said: “The policy for the promotion of healthy lifestyle is a national framework comprising a route with many options.

She added that the policy places a strong emphasis on modifiable behavioral factors that contribute to disease prevention.

Furthermore, she observed that this is accomplished by adopting a multi-sector approach underpinned by a well-developed and flexible legislative framework, which would result in more effective and efficient use of national resources, as well as coordinated planning and implementation. implementation, definition of roles, and improvement of information exchange and innovative initiatives.

Lifestyle-related diseases have posed a challenge to health systems in recent years, as they have disastrous health, social and economic consequences for development goals and societal well-being. This highlights the importance of stakeholder participation in the development of national policies, laws and regulations to promote healthy lifestyles.