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MIWA workshop for women to cover basic vehicle maintenance

EMPOWERING MOTORISTS: The Motor Industry Association is holding workshops for women on the basics of vehicle maintenance at the Caltex workshop in Cambridge, August 25: SUPPLIED

The local Association of Automotive Industry Workshops (Miwa) will hold a workshop for women on basic automotive maintenance during Women’s Month on August 25th.

Miwa President Teresa Spenser-Higgs said all women should know the basics of car maintenance and what to do in the event of a breakdown.

She says the Miwa workshop aims to change the stereotypical view that women are ignorant when it comes to car maintenance.

“Women sometimes have their husbands or boyfriends talking to them about what they think is a problem with the car when we often see in the workshop that women know their car and they have to be confident about it. topic, so we want to build that trust with knowledge,” she says.

The scope of the workshop will cover when to check and how to change a vehicle’s oil and water; what are the different smells emitted by a car signal; how to change a flat tire; what to look for when choosing a credible workshop; and what a vehicle’s various warning lights show.

“Sometimes women and all motorists in general will hear sounds coming from their car but delay responding because they think it will cost too much or they won’t be able to find out enough to repair,” she said. .

“We want to change that mindset because when you only know the basics of your car, it eases that anxiety and then you can make sure the problem is solved.

“If you delay getting your car fixed, the problem will only get worse,” says Spenser-Higgs.

The workshops will take place at the Caltex workshop in Cambridge, starting at 6 p.m.

The session is free, however, space is limited, so it is necessary to contact 084-755-0339 via WhatsApp to book.